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If your hard disk crashes, the sooner you call, the better the chance of recovering files.   DO NOT let an amateur - ‘have a go at it!’

 Hard Drive Recovery  
Unfortunately hard drives are mechanical items and have moving parts inside. With the exception of the most recent type (SSD Drives), most hard drives in laptops and desktops are the older type, that if you look inside, resemble an old vinyl record player, with copper disks, and a needle!
These are not sturdy, and parts of them are prone to break in some way or other, be it from dropping the computer, or a power surge, or some other failure.
Viruses also damage hard drives, and can delete the files, or lock you out from accessing them.
Data Recovery Ashbourne - Ashbourne PC
Very high success rate!
The most important thing to do when you have a data recovery situation is to:
1. STOP what you’re doing.
2. Power off the machine.
3. Call us.
We have a very high success rate in recovering data, but this chance can be ruined by letting some amateur at it.  In most cases, the methods they use will deny any recovery at all, as they have made the problem worse.   We are the main company for Data Recovery Ashbourne

90% of Hard Drives Recovered

No charge to see if it can be recovered