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Get your PC or Laptop back to the way it was when it was brand new!

The day you bought your PC, it was working fine and fast.   Now it is really slow.   This is because over the years, you have gathered up 'junk files' and viruses.   We bring your machine back to day one, when it was fast, without losing valuable files.


What should I do before I call you?

Check the obvious - leads unplugged - trip switch etc.

For no power issues to monitor or main box, try swapping around the cables - it may just be a fuse blown in the plug!

If none of these obvious things fix it - Power it off, and contact us.   Do not let an amateur at it as most times they will make it harder for me to fix!

Our most common fixes

1. You think you have a Virus! or Spyware

Strange things are happening that didn't happen before / Stuff keeps popping up on your screen / You are getting P**N images flashing up / You are being directed to different sites / The computer has become really slow / Similar things...

2. Smashed Screen or Broken Keyboard

We repair laptop screens and keyboards. All prices are different, so when you’re contacting us, it would help us if you had the make and model number, which is usually on a sticker on the underneath of the laptop.

3. DATA RECOVERY - You’ve lost or deleted files

We have a very high success rate in recovering data from faulty hard drives, virus related damage, or if you accidentally deleted them. The important thing is you contact us asap, and do not let an amateur at it, as this can make the recovery harder.   We are the main company for Computer Laptop Repairs Ashbourne & Ratoath

4. Your machine will not boot up at all - or blue screens

A blue screen error 50% of the time means there is something wrong with some part of the hardware in the machine - it is important you do not try to fix this yourself.   Most times, this is fixable, and we can use data recovery techniques on the hard disk if files need to be rescued.

5. You are having trouble with Wireless or Network

You have a wireless router from Eircom / UPC / Sky etc. and are having trouble connecting. You have contacted them first, but they have told you it’s at your end.   You would like to connect all the computers in the house or office to the internet, share files, and print to the main printer.    We can fix problems. Also view our seperate Network Page. 

6. You've bought a new PC and you want the data transferred off old one

You've just received your new machine, but your old one has a lot of data on it, that you need transferring to the new one.  E.g. IPod songs - photos - emails etc.   Call us for Computer Laptop Repairs Ashbourne & Ratoath.

• 100% Total Customer Satisfaction
• Strictly Private & Confidential
• Average Short 2 Day Fix / Emergency Repair
• No Obligation Quotations
• Customers refer us to Friends & Family



We can sometimes do repairs by remote control.   Only download this Quick Support software if I have told you to.