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  • Networks

  • Home and Office Networks
  • Network Installation and Repairs
  • Wifi Signal Problems
  • Add extra computers or wireless laptops to existing networks


We setup and repair networks of all sizes,
from simple home systems to large companies!

In general, your network is about simply connecting your computers together. We try to advise you on how you can maximise what you already have in place, to get so much more out of your network. Most companies aren’t fully aware of what their network can do to improve efficiency and ultimately save money.

What can we do with your network?

• Install a new / Repair an old one
• Add Wifi capability to a wired network
• Share Printers and Files
• Create a central backup drive
• Add extra computers
• Diagnose problem areas
• Advise on how to keep it working.
• So much more…Each one is different!


Free Call Out / Site Survey

Every customer has a different network, and have different requirements

We will arrange a mutual time where we can simply pop out to see what you have in place already, and exactly what you want your network to do. We will discuss any existing issues you are having, and come up with a solution that is best for purpose, but friendly on budget. The whole world is becoming networked now, so networking equipment is not as expensive as it used to be. It costs absolutely nothing to get us out to have a look, and there is no obligation at all. In general, we usually end up saving companies money due to down time issues, and lost sales etc. associated with network repairs.